Sudan: to all freedom Supporters around the World

Sudan has witnessed a military coup on 25 October, led by General Abdul Fattah Alburhan, that was followed by an attempt of legalization on 11 November through naming the dismissed prime minister Abdullah Hamduk as a prime minister of the military coup. Of course, this will not change the nature of the coup for the following reasons:

First: The Constitutional Document was signed between the Forces of Freedom and Change, and The Military Council, in August 2019. This agreement was supported and sponsored by the African Union, which paid a considerable effort to make it. Although we were not completely satisfied by Constitutional Act, it remains the constitutional reference for the transitional phase and must be adhered to. We also believe that the protection of the Constitutional Act is the responsibility of Sudanese, the African Union as well as the United Nations.

Second: The decisions taken by Abdulfattah Burhan as the supreme commander of the military are unconstitutional because it is not one of his powers as the commander of the military or even as the chief of the Sovereign Council, because no one has the right to suspend the Constitutional Act. Thus, the only description of what happened on 25 of October 2021, is that it is a military coup and subverting the constitutional order, which is considered as a crime in the Sudanese law. It is also against the principles and Act of the African Union; it was a good step that the Union has suspended the membership of the Sudan afterwards.

Third: The political agreement signed between the leader of the coup and Dr. Abdallah Hamduk, Prime Minister for the military coup, does not change the reality of the coup. it even violates and flouts the constitutional document. As a signed agreement between two parties represents only their own, neither Burhan nor Mr. Hamduk represents the civilian part that constituted by the forces of the Freedom and Change, as was mentioned in the Constitutional Act.


Fourth: The agreement signed between the leader of the coup d'état, and Abdullah Hamduk, ensures the actions that took place on 25 October 2021. Abdullah Hamduk has accordingly been designated as the Prime Minister with defined duties and functions that contrasting with the Constitutional Document. Moreover, the leader of the coup d'état alone appointed Sovereign Council without complying with the Constitutional Document and thus became the ruler of all decisions. So, the attempts by the leader of the coup and his Prime Minister to delude the international community that the political agreement is a retreat from the coup is incorrect


Any retreat from the coup would have required all decisions made after the coup to be null and void. Therefore, all the decisions adopted by the leader of the coup, such as the dissolution and restructuring of the Houses of Sovereignty and Ministers, are unconstitutional and therefore unconstitutional.

Human rights violations after the coup d'état of 25 October 2021

Since the morning of the coup d'état on October 25, 2021, the Sudanese people have marched in mass demonstrations rejecting the coup. The security authorities have confronted them with excessive violence and brutality. The total number of the martyrs killed by the security forces is 72, let alone the number of injured which is more than 300 only in one day (19 December 2021). Here are some examples of the violations committed after 25 October:

  1. Using live ammunition, tear gas canisters (of which some contained poisonous gases) and sound bombs.
  2. Arbitrary detention was also widely practiced in buildings belonging to the armed forces and the Rapid Support forces where detainees were subjected to torture and hazing, others were transferred to prisons in accordance with the Emergency Law, where the state of emergency is still imposed.
  3. It is worth mentioning the arrest of 44 children from peaceful processions and some of them were brought to trial.
  4. As happened after the crime of breaking up the sit-ins and state sit-ins, the coups cut off the Internet and communications.
  5. The continuing violations by militias and regular Government forces against displaced persons in the Darfur region, continue to be a flashpoint in which more innocent people are constantly lost. The events in Jebel Moon and Crank, where dozens of people were killed and thousands were forced to flee in neighboring localities or to resort to Chad. According to the Doctors Committee in Western Darfur State, the number of people who were killed is 148 in addition to 123 injured. This happened in Jebel Moon, Kerinik, and Serba since 17 November 2021.
  6. Recently, hospitals and medical institutions protected under international humanitarian law have not been spared from attacks by security authorities. Security forces have broken into hospitals and arrested the injured inside them in flagrant violation of the right to treatment and the inviolability of hospitals protected under international humanitarian law and national laws.
  7. Several cases have also been monitored to prevent patients and injured arbitrary detainees from receiving treatment by the security authorities.
  8. 13 suspected cases of rape and sexual harassments of which, eight are confirmed on the 19 th December 2021.
  9. The coup authorities started a rabid detention campaign against the resistance committees, and until yesterday they arrested...
  10. One of these detainees is Mustafa, 11 years old and he was badly tortured.

On the basis of the foregoing, it is certain that the State is now entirely under military rule, from the Centre to the States. However, the general situation suggests otherwise that the daily incidents and violations of the killing, slaughter and torture of Demonstrators, are proof of the failure of conventions that do not address the roots of the nation.

We at the Sudanese professional Association call to:

  1. Suspend the Sudan's membership in the various international institutions Until a new constitutional status is reached, in acivilian lead.
  2. Impose Individual sanctions on members of the Coup Council and to prohibit them from attending and participating in conferences and events held by the Federation.
  3. Open an international investigation, under the auspices of the African Union, about all violations committed following the adoption of the Order of Proof on 25 August 2021
  4. Halt any technical or logistical support to the Sudanese military and its security apparatus.
  5. Provide technical and logistical support to civil society organizations for their role in monitoring violations of fundamental rights and public freedoms
  6. Urged the European Union and the League of Arab States to take these measures to siege the ruling junta in Khartoum.
  7. pressure on your governments not to recognize the coup government of Khartoum.

Sudanese Professionals Association SPA

The Sudanese Professional Association is a trade union association that includes various trade unions in the Sudan that began its operation in 2012 as an extension of the Sudanese Professional federation, played a vital role in both April 1985 and October 1964 revolutions. After the military coup of the Islamic Front in 1989, the union was dissolved, and most of its leaders were arrested, some were assassinated, and others were forced to leave and lead the work of the federation from abroad. The Sudanese Professional Association has played the same vital role up to the moment during December 2018 revolution.



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