Privacy Policy of the FAU Switzerland

Date: 2. January 2024

Who is responsible for the data processing of the FAU?

The Free Workers' Union FAU Switzerland is generally responsible for processing. It can be contacted as follows:

Freie Arbeiter*innen Union Schweiz


3001 Bern

or via contact form

What data is collected by the FAU?

Basically only the data you send us. The exception to this is the data that our web host collects in order for the website to function. We do not want your data for the sake of it and do not sell it to third parties.

The member data (which you enter yourself)

In principle, only the data that you enter in the membership application is collected. This is particularly sensitive data such as your name, address, work, contact details, etc. You can see why we collect this amount of data below.

Data that you provide to us via the contact form

As a minimum, we need your e-mail address and a name. It is up to you which other data you provide.

Data that you send us via the subscription form of the „schwarze Chatz“

Of course we need your name, address and contact details for shipping and payment.

Data generated through interaction with our social media channels

If you interact with our channels, we can see when you have liked or seen which posts. However, a large part of the processing and collection is not done by us, but by the respective channel, e.g. Instagram. We have no influence over this.

Why do we collect this data and how is it processed?

Membership form


The data in the membership form is particularly sensitive data according to the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG). That is why we handle it carefully and as sparingly as possible. However, we also want to be a grassroots trade union organized from below. For the necessary networking, we collect data such as place of residence, sector and contact options (telephone and e-mail, postal address). This data is only passed on to mandated (i.e. elected and authorized) members. The register of members is kept for the purpose of keeping track of and checking membership payments. At the very least, we need contact details for membership fee payments. We need the data about your industry or profession for the distribution of the membership fee: this goes in part to the Swiss federation, industry syndicates and regions. In addition, this data is also necessary for networking: We need to know your profession so that we can network you with other workers in this sector.


Your data is stored centrally and encrypted by our chosen office. Your data will also be shared with authorized members or groups:

  • Your responsible region

  • Your responsible local syndicate

  • Your responsible branch syndicates

Regions, branch syndicates and local syndicates can keep their own (encrypted) membership lists and can process the data further.

In the course of founding one of these organizational units, your contact details can be passed on to a working group (so that you can be networked). Contact persons in the regions and branches can get in touch with you to make it easier for you to join the union.

Lists with personal data can be forwarded to the office to check your membership payment. However, this will probably only be a slimmed-down list of members. To minimize data disclosure, please use your membership number as the reason for payment.

You will also be subscribed to a newsletter (email address only). In most circumstances, we currently still use Mailchimp for this (see AVV below)

Contact Form


We need a contact e-mail to reply to you. The name makes it easier to process your request. You decide on the other data in the form itself. Depending on this, we will also find out your place of work, your job and your problems at work, etc.


The data is "processed" by the selected supervisor of the mailbox. They can decide that the mail is forwarded to a corresponding internal department if this makes sense. For example, the secretariat can forward the mail to a region, industry syndicate or working group if the content of the contact form is relevant for this region. Requests for advice are first forwarded to the advice working group (content only) and then to the individuals responsible (content and contact details).

Schwarzi Chatz Subscription form


As mentioned above, we need your address for delivery. In the event that you are in arrears with your payment or the newspaper is undeliverable, we may also contact you by e-mail.


Your data will only be processed by members of the Schwarzi Chatz working group. The data is stored in encrypted form. The data will be stored for as long as your subscription is active. This period may be extended in the event of unsuccessful contact attempts.

Data collection and processing by third parties

What data is collected and processed by our host?

In principle, our host collects various data for monitoring the services and troubleshooting, stores it in raw logs and deletes it again after 24 hours:

The raw logs contain the following information:

  • IP address of the accessing device

  • Date and time of access

  • URL accessed

  • Access status/HTTP status code

  • If available, the referrer (referring page)

  • Amount of data transferred during access

  • Browser identification (browser name and version)

The data is required for the web services to function.

You can find more information here:



The Mailchimp service itself processes data again. Of the data you provide, we only pass on your email address to Mailchimp. For the optional dispatch to a target group, we also divide you into a (language) region.

Further information on processing by Mailchimp: