Demands for the Catering Sector

- Wage replacement / short-time work at 100% on BASIC wages up to the median wage.

We have since March strong wage losses on already low wages. We are also missing the tip! In addition, it cannot be that 13th month wages and vacation bonuses are included in the calculation. Thus, workers with minimum wage get just 81%!

- Takeover of the worker's share of the social security contributions with short-time work

Because otherwise again over 6% of the wage go away. In addition, the shares are projected to 100%. The bosses are already paid back their share during short-time work.

- An end to on-call contracts (zero-hour contracts)

In this crisis also it has been shown that such contracts have almost only negative consequences for us workers. Many are still waiting for their due wages.

- A humane treatment at the unemployment office

Whoever becomes unemployed today almost needs a doctorate in insurance law to cope with all the regulations. Compared to last year, 75% more comrades are unemployed and will not find a new job anytime soon.

- Support also for workers without residence status

(e.g. Sans-Papiers) These people are hit hardest by the crisis through no fault of their own. They are a forgotten part of the gastronomy and fall out of all support measures.

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