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More infos concerning a membership you find below

What does it mean to be a member?

How much you get involved in FAU is up to you. We welcome any active person, but understand that you may not have time to actively participate in the meetings and activities at this time.

Meetings and Participation

The delegates' meetings of FAU Switzerland take place every month. Only official members are entitled to participate.

Each local or branch syndicate and each region has its own meetings.

You decide where and how you want to participate. It is also possible, for example, to participate only in specific projects and working groups.

Membership fee

As an official member you are also obliged to pay membership fees. The following shall apply: Everyone according to his or her means: You decide yourself which category you fall into, as your salary does not say anything about your financial situation.

This membership fee is used e.g. for the newspaper, stickers, other propaganda material or also for actions (e.g. also strike fund). Unlike the central trade unions, the FAU is based entirely on voluntary work. This means that we do not have any paid officials, which means that your contribution goes entirely into our work.

Categories of Membership Fee

Category Membership Fee per year
No fee possible 0 CHF
precarious financial situation 10 CHF
tight financial situation 100 CHF
balanced financial situation 150 CHF
comfortable financial situation 200 CHF

Who cannot become a member?

Although we want to remain as open as possible, there are certain occupations which we exclude from the outset:

  • Members of the state repressive organs (e.g. police, army, intelligence service), except conscripts
  • People who have the sole power to fire other people (e.g. Company bosses, managers, ...)
  • Paid officials of religious institutions, central trade unions and parliamentary parties (ordinary members of the organizations concerned are allowed).
  • Furthermore, natural persons who act against the principles of the FAU (e.g. racists, fascists) are excluded from membership.

Any questions?

This was only a very rough overview of FAU. If you have any further questions, please come by one of the regulars' tables or contact us