More informations concerning the menbership, you find below.

Application for FAJ Membership

Abo Schwarzi Chatz
Sector and Job

It is possible to check several sectors, when you work several jobs


FAU Switzerland is divided into four regions. As this is quite new (mid-May 2021) some of these regions are still under construction. The following are available for selection:

Middle (MITTE): Bern, Solothurn, Basel, Wallis, Fribourg

Inner Switzerland (INNERSCHWEIZ): Luzern, Zug, Unterwalden, Schwyz, Uri, Tessin

ROMANDIE: french part

East (OST): Zürich, Aargau, Thurgau, St. Gallen, Graubünden, Appenzell, Glarus, Schaffhausen

Place of Syndicate

What does it mean to be a member?

How much you get involved in the FAJ and FAU is up to you. We welcome any active person, but understand that you may not have time to actively participate in the meetings and activities at this time.

Membership fee

As an official member you are also obliged to pay membership fees. The following shall apply: Each according to his_her own possibilities. As a guideline we give 1% of your income. This membership fee will be used e.g. for the newspaper, stickers, other propaganda material or for actions (e.g. strike fund). In contrast to the central trade unions, FAU is based entirely on voluntary work. That means, we have no paid officials, so your contribution is fully included in our work

Who cannot become a member?

Although we want to remain as open as possible, there are certain occupations which we exclude from the outset:

- Members of state repressive apparatuses (e.g. police, but not social work per se)

- Managers (persons who can decide on the dismissal of persons by themselves, i.e. alone)

- Paid party officials

Any questions?

This was only a very rough overview of the FAJ. If you have any further questions, please contact us at faj (ät)

Sounds great! How can i become a member?

Easiest way is filling out the form above.

What we need from you for a membership is

- Your name

- Mail (so that we can stay in contact, if available, send your public PGP key along)

- Address (we only need it if you want a membership card and/or our newspaper)

- Sector (so that we can assign you to a possible syndicate)