The Free Workers Union - what's that?

The Freie Arbeiter_innen Union, the Free Workers Union Bern is a union initiative in the region of Berne. Based on anarchosyndicalist principles we see ourselves as a grassroots and combative alternative to the unions based on social partnership.


MILITANT: Because the interests of the workers are radically opposed to those of the capitalists. Because great social progress has only been achieved through social struggles and mobilisations.

SELF-DETERMINED: Because decisions should be taken by those directly concerned and not by party leaders and union officials. Because hierarchies are in contrast to an egalitarian and self-organised society.

SHOWING SOLIDARITY: Because only reflection, mutual help and inter-professional actions can overcome group egoism.

ANTICAPITALIST: Since we are the ones who produce all goods and provide all services, they should be oriented towards the good of the community and not towards the profit of a few. We therefore think that syndicalism must work on a political project for a just, egalitarian and free society... That is, a revolutionary project.

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